Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why, Walgreens, Why?

Is there such a thing as a grammar felony? A big thanks to @jeff_rock for making a citizen's arrest on Twitter. For shame, Walgreens, for shame!

Where does Walgreens go wrong? I scarcely know where to begin. The unnecessary quotation marks? The missing apostrophe? The non-agreement between subject and verb?

Quick rules:
  • If you mean what you say, don't use quotation marks. In this example, Walgreens is trying to let customers know that those M&Ms really are free for the taking. The quotation marks make us wonder if taking a bag will set off the store's alarm. Wouldn't want to get arrested for "shoplifting," would we?
  • Use an apostrophe in a contraction, which contracts two words into one. The apostrophe takes the place of a missing letter. (Pssst, Walgreens, the contraction for "do not" is "don't".)
  • The subject and verb must agree in number. The teacher goes to work. Teachers go to work.

Correction: Free If Cashier Doesn't Ask

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