Monday, September 6, 2010

Forming Plurals: Hold the Apostrophe, Please

Kay sent in this photo and wrote:
"Hello – thanks for 'The Apostrophe Song.' Here’s a pic of an offending sign outside a bar just near where I live, in SoHo, Hong Kong."

Hubboy, looks like the person who wrote this had one hell of an apostrophe hangover. Thanks for sending it in, Kay!

Where does this bar go wrong? It uses apostrophes to form plural words.

Quick rules:
  • When you want to make a plural word, just add "s" or "es."
  • Adding an apostrophe + s implies possession. The bar's sign made its customers giggle to themselves.
  • Mohito? It's spelled mojito, people.

  • Take a cool dive into cosmopolitans, bellinis, mojitos, daiquiris, martinis, and more...

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