Friday, September 21, 2012

Quotation Mark Fail: We "Pretend" To Obey the Law

I'm grateful to Madeline for snapping this photo in her neighborhood grocery store. She knows nothing cracks me up more than a spectacular quotation mark fail.

Where does this sign go wrong? These quotation marks mock the true intent of the store owner. It looks like he's inviting you to bring in your fake I.D. to buy fake alcohol.

Quotation marks do not show emphasis. They do the exact opposite.

Quick rules:
  • Quotation marks show skepticism about a word or phrase, implying that the writer doesn't accept it to be true. The McGuires were shocked to learn that their "perfect neighbor" had a long criminal record. 
  • If you mean what you say, don't use quotation marks. Using misguided quotation marks will make you a laughingstock.

  • Want alcohol? Show us an I.D. We mean it!