Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Double Apostrophe Fail: Clean Up Bad Grammar

Rob writes in:
Hey Snarky. I saw this sign in a local park and thought of you. I wonder if it cost extra to add the apostrophes when this sign was made.
Thanks, Rob! I love it!

Where does this sign go wrong? It leaves out the apostrophes in contractions. 

Quick rules:
  • It's is a contraction for 'it is'. It's a shame when people don't use apostrophes correctly.
  • Its implies possession. Even a dog will respect its owner for using good grammar.
  • Don't is a contraction for 'do not'. Don't forget to use apostrophes in contractions.

  • Dog Waste: It's your responsibility
  • Don't damage property

1 comment:

  1. Maybe they left out the apostrophes to fit all the words on one line. At least that's what I've wondered when I've seen similar mistakes on signs.