Thursday, September 2, 2010

Outlawed Expressions: Could Of, Should Of, Would Of

Linda e-mailed me this screenshot to illustrate her biggest pet peeve.
"I cringe when people write "could of" or "should of" or "would of." This triple whammy makes me want to throttle WarriorMom, the woman in the picture!"

Oh, wow. That's a whole lot of wrongness to handle all at once.

Where does WarriorMom go wrong? She uses not one, not two, but three outlawed expressions.

Quick rules:
  • There is no such thing as "could of," "should of," or "would of."
  • Use could've, should've, and would've as contractions for could have, should have, and would have.

Correction: I Could've, Would've, Should've


  1. Would it be super snarky of me to point out that you have a spelling mistake there? 'shoud've' should be should've? Ooh, say that three times without pause!

  2. Oy, thank you balibaby! I'll fix it now [slinks away in shame].

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