Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apostrophe Madness at Fat Boy's

Yikes! @sbartholomew tweeted:
I know I shouldn't be a grammar bully, but this is apostrophe madness: http://yfrog.com/f39wroj - not even consistent!

Where does Fat Boy's go wrong? It uses apostrophes to form plural words — not all the time, mind you. Just randomly.

Quick rule: 
  • To create a plural word, just add s or es. The pizzas were delicious. The pastas came with creamy sauces.
  • Use an apostrophe to show possession. The pizza's crust was delicious. The pasta's sauce was creamy.

  • Pizzas, BBQ Ribs, Fish & Chips, Hot Wings, Burgers, Pastas, Lasagne, Milkshakes, Nachos


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