Thursday, August 19, 2010

Death by Apostrophe: No Rest for Poor Mom

Oh, how sad is this? Jim from London e-mailed me with this very unfortunate ode to somebody's mom.

Where did this mom's kids go wrong? They used an apostrophe + s to form a plural word. 

Quick rule: Never use an apostrophe to form a plural. An "s" will do. (Or in some cases, an "es.")


And, while we're at it, why not just say she was the "very best mother," instead of the lame "one of the best of mothers"? She's dead, for crying out loud. Zheesh.


  1. Will Snarky Students take up: Him and me went to the game and loved it?

  2. Maybe she literally was one of 2 mothers (a lesbian couple)? ;-)
    Anyway, because of some amazing coincidence, no name is mentioned on this stone, so this mother and, more importantly, her family remain conveniently anonymous. The joys of Photoshop, hey? ;-)

  3. It should be: "He and I went to the game..." You wouldn't say "Him went to the game" or "Me went to the game," so you wouldn't say "Him and me went to the game." See Topics, I vs. me.

  4. Or it could be that the deceased is actually a sister of the person who commissioned the sign; if there were many siblings and the decedent was a superior example of the group, then the stone, while somewhat cryptic, would be both grammatically and logically correct.

  5. Good point. The deceased was then Mom's daughter. Not the best daughter, mind you. But one of the best of Mother's daughters. Pretty clumsy, but a possibility.

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