Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pronouns: The 30-Second Workout

From, a girl seeks fitness advice for herself and her sister. Unfortunately, she doesn't know the difference between a subject pronoun and an object pronoun and winds up sounding like a dumbbell.
For the first month me and her are going to be doing the following 4 days a week...
Where did she go wrong? The writer uses the object pronouns, me and her, when she should be using the subject pronouns, she and I.

Quick rule:
  • Replace subjects with subject pronouns and objects with object pronouns
  • If you don't know the difference, run through the sentence twice, each time using one of the singular pronouns. It should be obvious which pronouns work and which don't. For example, you would never say "Her is going to be doing the following four days a week." And you would never say "Me is going to be doing the following four days a week." If you would choose 'she' and 'I' when you use singular pronouns, then you'd choose 'She and I,' both subject pronouns, together.

Correction: For the first month, she and I are going to be doing the following, four days a week...


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