Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hold the Hyphen: Daydreaming

Ethan writes:
Hi Snarky. It's the end of the first quarter and I need to bump up my English grade. My teacher says he'll give extra credit for finding examples of grammar and punctuation errors in magazines and newspapers. I think the hyphen in this headline is a mistake. Yes?
Yes, Ethan. Go ahead and hand it in.

Where does this ad go wrong? It puts an unnecessary hyphen in 'daydreaming', which is a compound word.

Quick rule:
  • Compound words combine two or more words but function as a single unit. While some compounds are not hyphenated (e.g., daydream, flowerpot, keyboard), others are (e.g., merry-go-round, mother-in-law).

  • Daydreaming About Ski Season?